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Tourist information

Plitvice Lakes National Park is the oldest national park in this part of Europe and the biggest national park in Croatia. Situated approximately midway between capital city Zagreb and Zadar on the coastline, the lakes are a definite must-see in Croatia. Because of its natural charm and significance, this natural phenomenon of 16 interlinked lakes and a sizable forest complex around it were set aside as a national park in 1949. In 1979 the park was engraved on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Most importantly, Plitvice Lakes isn't only for summer season. It's a spectacular spot to explore any time of year as the different seasons see the Park take on different colors.

Getting to Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice National Park is situated really close to border with Bosnia and just couple of hours drive from either Zagreb or Adriatic coast. The closest larger town to Plitvice on the Adriatic coast is Zadar. From both Zagreb and Zadar you can either take bus to get there or drive. Keep in mind-- that there are no trains that head to National Park Plitvice not there are no international airports close by.

Getting to Plitvice by Bus

  • From Zagreb it takes only 2 hrs to get to Plitvice by bus. There are more than 10 buses per day run by a number of bus service providers. They all leave from Zagreb's main bus terminal in the direction to Plitvice.
  • From Zadar it takes about 3 hours to get to Plitvice by bus. There are only few buses on a daily basis from Zadar so you have to organize a journey thoroughly. All buses, operated by a number of firms, leave from the main Zadar bus station.

Driving to Plitvice

It takes all together about 2 hrs drive from Zagreb as well as from Zadar to get to the National Park. Plitvice national park is situated approximately 1 hr drive from A1 freeway.
  • From Zagreb, take south route in the direction of Karlovac. Once in Karlovac, take D-1 road (another hour) which leads right to the Park.
  • From Zadar, take north route on A1 freeway to exit "Gornja Ploca". From there take exit to D522 road. When you reach small town of Udbina take D1 road which will take you right to the entrance of the National Park Plitvice.

Flora and fauna

The Plitvice national park is highly forested, primarily with beec and fir trees, and presents a blend of Mediterranean and Alpine plants. It has a significantly wide range of plant communities, as a result of its array of microclimates, varying soils and differing levels of altitude. The region is additionally the home of an incredibly wide range of animal and bird species. Unique fauna for instance the European brown bear, wolf, wild cat owl and eagle can be discovered there, together with many more typical species. A minimum of 130 species of birds have been noted there, of which 70 have been recorded as reproducing there.

Plitvice Lakes - Rules in the Park

Swimming and diving in the Park is rigorously prohibited. Research is permitted with permission of state department. Sport fishing is prohibited also. Sport fishing is only permitted for analysis, but with permission of state department. Hunting is likewise prohibited along with damaging animal and plant natural environments. It is prohibited to bring weapons and to let dogs walk without restraint. Outdoor camping and starting a amp fire is restricted. On lakes Proscansko and Kozjak it is permitted to sail with paddles.

Get around

You can select from a number of various tracks around the lakes varying in time and difficulty. A thorough run through the park can be accomplished on path H in 4-5 hours however you'll want to go slowly and take pleasure in it. The sights are simply magnificent. A few tracks have boat and bus transfers (absolutely free) to spare you time strolling. Make certain you keep your entry voucher due to the fact that they stamp it at the boat alterings.

There is additionally an electrical boat that takes you from one side of the biggest lake to the other. This boat operates throughout the year, much more frequently in the course of summer season. A "panoramic train" also operates within a specific path in the park. You can walk part of the way via the park and after that get on the shuttle to take you back to one of the entryways.

When to Go

There's no inappropriate time of year to explore Plitvice Lakes National Park. In winter months the ice-covered falls are spectacular; in summer months the rich greenery is unwinding; in springtime and autumn the water quantity is highest possible. Realize however, that the park is swamped with travelers in July and August. If you arrive then, spare some time for the evening when the excursion shuttles leave or very early in the morning hours before they arrive.

Accommodation in Plitvice

You can stay in one of three hotels in the national park or pick from a wide range of private apartments and holiday houses. If you are searching for cheaper accommodation, talk to - some local apartment managers that rent out suites and rooms for affordable price. There is additionally a camping site in the close-by village, Korana, primarily used by people exploring the park. Facilities are great, excellent tidy restrooms, a little store, and a number of small restaurants. Outdoor camping can be made anywhere you want; it is practical to select a spot between the trees, or a comfortable hole in the hills or a more open spot with a stunning view. They additionally lease little cottages if you don't want to carry camping equipment.

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Climatic characteristics of the Plitvice lakes

Weather condition in the region of National Park Plitvice Lakes is transitional coastal and continental. Winters are lengthy and sturdy. Summer months are sunbeamy and enjoyable. Average year temperature is approximately 15C. Wind is in summer time usually south-west and in winter months time north-east. Fall is short and in November proceeds to winter. Snow occurs normally in November, December, January and February.

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